Parents are encouraged to read the weekly newsletter, which is sent to the parent email on file, the student’s HISD email, and posted on the Lamar website.  Lamar also utilizes the district call out and text message system for more urgent matters.  Phone numbers on file will receive the calls and text messages.  Parents are also encouraged to log into their student’s Hub page to view assigned work and due dates.

Report cards and progress reports are distributed at the end of each grading period. A reporting cycle is established on the HISD website.  Modifications to grade reporting dates will be communicated by HISD and Lamar.

Lamar High School encourages parents to contact the school concerning the education of their children. A healthy partnership between parents, students and staff members benefits all involved. Our Neighborhood system allows for parents to meet with all four of their child’s core teachers at the same time.

Parents requesting a telephone conference, especially with their son or daughter’s teachers, should provide both a day and an evening telephone number with their message. Please give teachers at least 48 hours to respond to your message. As a rule, teachers cannot be called to the phone (or to a conference) while they are teaching. Should you not receive a return call from the staff member you called within a reasonable amount of time, please call the assigned neighborhood clerk and note that you are making a second call.

Email is an effective form of communication between a student’s parent/guardian and the student’s teacher. Email addresses can be found on the Lamar website.

Should parents wish to arrange a conference, they may call the school office at (713) 522-5960 to make an appointment or request a return call. Given the various duties and commitments of school personnel during the school day, teachers and other school officials may not be able to meet with parents who arrive at the school without an appointment. Parents can leave their names and phone numbers with the Welcome Center.  Please note, there may be periods of time in which no visitors are allowed on campus to ensure the health and safety of faculty and staff.

PowerSchool Parent Portal

PowerSchool Parent Portal is an online service that gives parents access to information about the student. After registering for an account, you will have the ability to view period and daily attendance, class schedules and assignments, progress reports, report cards, as well as other resources for parents and students. Parents are encouraged to check this site on a regular basis.

Updating Contact Information

If your family moves during the school year, you must report that address change (and/or new telephone number) immediately to the Registrar’s Office. Also, if your parent or guardian has a change in work or personal telephone numbers or email addresses, that information should be updated in the Registrar’s Office. To ensure the safety of our students — especially in an emergency — and to allow for timely parent and student contact, it is critical that the school have accurate addresses and phone numbers.

In addition, students who are not on valid HISD transfers or do not live in the Lamar attendance zone are generally not eligible to attend Lamar High School and may be withdrawn from school. If students are planning a move or have any questions about their school zone residency or transfer status, they should consult with the Lamar Admissions Coordinator BEFORE moving.