What do Students Want to Know about the new building?

Q: How many kids will be at lunch? How will lunch work?

A: We expect to have two lunch periods daily.  Each neighborhood will have food distribution lines during the lunch periods where students can get food from the hot service line or the cold case.  Students will be able to eat in their own neighborhood or that of a friend who is also assigned the same lunch period.  Students may also choose to eat outside of the neighborhood in the Grand Hall or on the patio. 


Q: Will you be with the same 35 kids all day?

A: The schedule will operate like it does now – you will have 8 class periods over 2 days. Four of your classes will be held in your neighborhood (English, Math, Science and Social Studies/History).  The other four periods of your schedule will take place in other areas of the campus.


Q: How will this improve my learning?

A: How much easier would your life be if your 4 core teachers all worked together?  If your English teacher knew what was going on in your other three classes?  Teachers will work closely together to make connections between the content areas, and offer a more balanced and integrated work load.  Utilizing the flipped classroom model, you will receive the “lecture” piece of instruction prior to the lesson at home, and use the time you have with your teachers to practice the new skill with support and apply it to real world problems.


Q: How will kids be grouped into each neighborhood?

A: Students will be randomly and heterogeneously grouped in each neighborhood.  We want to make sure you are not limited in the courses you can take because of the neighborhood in which you are placed.  If for instance the math class you need is only offered at the same time you want to take band, we can assign you to a different neighborhood so that there is no conflict.  All of that will be done before school starts to ensure we have complete and correct schedules on the first day.  You will have access to Recommended and PreIB/IB classes in all neighborhoods.


Q: How will kids be grouped into their individual classes?

A: Students will still be assigned to each course during a specific period.  Each class section will be identified as Recommended or PreIB/IB.  Teachers within the neighborhood will have the flexibility to use each class period to work on specific course content, or work on integrated projects with other content area teachers/classes in the neighborhood.


Q: How will I know where to go on the first day?  Will there be tours of the building before school starts?

A: Watch social media and the Lamar website for information on tours and activities before school starts.  We will plan events that help students and parents get acclimated to the new facility.  Additionally, you can watch for a new student handbook and family guide with everything you need to know about navigating the new school.