• Requests must be a day in advance for a VOE be done. In the order received a VOE Students will have to come during their lunch, and after school as well.



    A Verification of Enrollment (VOE) is needed when you apply for an instructional driver’s permit and/or a license to operate a motor vehicle.


    Specific enrollment conditions are required by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to obtain or renew a license.


    Conditions that are required for a VOE:


    1. The student is currently enrolled in a public or private school.


    2. The student was present for 90 percent of his/her classes during the previous semester (If the student was not enrolled at Lamar please submit a report card from the previous school when signing up).


    To request, the student must put their name and HISD Student ID number on the VOE sign-in sheet, which is located in Attendance Office in N111.


    A VOE form is good for one month; the student must sign it as soon as they get it.

    VOE can be issued prior to the end of the school year in May and will be good for the entire summer.