• The mission of the Student Service Center is to remove any obstacle that is impeding the progress of any Lamar High School students. The center's ultimate goal is to assist students with getting back on track-academically and/or emotionally. 
    Student Service Center has three primary programs. Each program is specifically designed to meet a specific group of students needs.  
    1. The Bridge Program 
    2. The Lamar Success Center  
    3. Grad Lab
    The Bridge Program. The Bridge Program is an alternative classroom setting that is a mandatory 45 successful day program for students who have incurred substance abuse related infractions. The program seeks to get students on track academically and to educate them in reducing and/or eliminating high-risk drug behavior and acquiring better decision-making skills.  Services include Academic Support and Behavior Counseling. Community Service and Drug Testing are required. Upon completion of the program, attendance at monthly meetings is encouraged. 
    The Lamar Success Center (LSC). The LSC provides one-on-one instructional support by a certified teacher, and counseling services through Community and Schools and other social service agencies, and is an extension of the classroom. Students may request placement or be referred by parents, counselors, teachers, and/or administrators based on academic, social, attendance or behaviors issues. The duration of the assignment is flexible based on the individual students' needs. Accommodations and modifications for students are met through the Department of Special Services.
    Grad Lab. The Grad Lab is staffed by professionals that are responsible for enrolling students and monitoring their progress as they complete coursework. Grad Lab is ideal for students that are overage, have medical issues that prevent them from attending classes daily, have been retained or have failed three or more courses in the previous semester. Tests and finals must be completed in the lab setting on campus. 
    For More information please email Mr. Rivera Colon