• Welcome to Lamar High School!


    The new Lamar model of instruction will join the tradition of rigorous, academic constructs with 21st Century models of education. For too long our students and teachers have been confined by their physical space. True interdisciplinary instruction and collaboration was impossible with students in individual classrooms.

    We are excited that next year the Lamar community will have the opportunity to connect learning to real world experiences through collaboration and inquiry-based learning. Our new physical space will allow us to enhance the way teaching and learning is happening on the Lamar campus. Students will engage in true International Baccalaureate, concept-based, interdisciplinary units through a variety of instructional techniques including flipped instruction; with the support of Kagan cooperative structures, students will engage in collaborative real-world work. Our physical space will finally catch up to the way that we have been teaching for many years.

    Every student on the Lamar campus is issued a laptop with access to our online learning environment and online textbooks. Students use their laptops to engage in the first line, direct instruction piece of the content at home and will maximize their time in school working directly with their teachers and peers on application of the content.

    The new learning environment will allow teachers and students to connect in our flexible learning spaces. Students are grouped into neighborhoods of no more than 200 and will work in smaller peer cohorts with similar academic core coursework. Additional elective (fine arts & CTE) classes and athletics will take place outside of the neighborhood. Inside the neighborhood four core subject teachers will facilitate interdisciplinary learning through inquiry-based projects connecting their content to real world problems. Teachers will be available to facilitate the project-based work as students apply the tools of the disciplines. The new Lamar will create a small school feeling where students will not “get lost”

    While this learning model has not been seen in a school of our size, it is becoming increasingly common in smaller schools around the world. There is no reason students should have to go to a small, specialty school for this type of experience. At Lamar, students will have access to this learning environment while taking advantage of all that a large comprehensive high school has to offer.  As we continue to finalize our designs, we are taking into account the feedback of the Lamar community.  We are listening and can promise that this will be a space and learning environment unlike any other, where students are encouraged to pursue their passions and connect with curriculum in a more meaningful way than ever before.  The tradition of rigor will not be compromised – it will only be enhanced!


    Information about our course offerings can be found here.


    If you have any questions about enrollment on our campus please give us a call!