Upcoming Dates

    March 3- SAT for 11th grade

    March 9 - PSAT10 for 10th grade

    March 10 – TELPAS for 9th grade

    March 11 – TELPAS for 10th grade

    March 12th – TELPAS for 11th/12th grade



    STAAR EOCs and Your Student

    There was a bit of a buzz recently in the news about students who are learning virtually not being required to take STAAR. It is important for you to know that does not apply to our high school students in Texas.  This recent announcement is only regarding grades 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8.


    STAAR End of Course Exams are a requirement for graduation.  Students who are scheduled for an EOC and then don’t take it will have to take it at another time. Let me tell you why that is a terrible idea for students. 

    STAAR EOCs are required for Biology, Algebra 1, English 1, English 2 and U.S. History.  With the exception of English, the content covered in these courses may not be seen again during high school.  For example, a student who is currently taking a Biology course should take the Biology EOC this year.  But what happens if the student doesn’t report to take the exam? The student is still held responsible for taking and passing the exam to graduate. Can you image how difficult that exam will be when you are in the throws of a chemistry class and have not seen the biology content in a year?


    It is important that all students report for STAAR EOCs to keep them on track for on-time graduation.  We have safety measures in place to help you and your student feel a little safer coming to campus to test.


    1. The only students on campus for testing days are the students involved in the test.
    2. Students are placed in small testing groups of no more than 12 students.
    3. Students maintain the 6ft recommended physical distance in the testing site
    4. All students and teachers are expected to securely wear a mask over nose and mouth while on campus.
    5. The campus is cleaned daily with an electrostatic machine with a sanitizing chemical that kills airborne and surface virus.


    Please plan in advance for your student to be on campus for the scheduled STAAR EOC exams.  Here is the schedule:


    April 6       English 1 – 9th graders and any student who previously did not pass the English 1 EOC

    April 8       English 2 – 10th graders and any student who previously did not pass the English 2 EOC

    May 4        US History – 11th graders and any student who previously did not pass US History EOC

    May 5       Algebra 1 – 9th graders enrolled in an Algebra 1 class and any student who did not previously pass the Algebra 1 EOC

    May 6       Biology – 9th graders enrolled in Biology and any student who did not previously pass the Biology EOC



    Juniors and the SAT

    Our 11th graders will be provided the opportunity to take the SAT for free during the school day administration on March 3.  This is an important opportunity for students and will be used in making college admission decisions and will help us identify if a student is on track for college and career readiness.  We will use the same precautions noted above, and look forward to having our 11th graders on campus next week for the SAT.


    Cycle 5 Learning Preference

    Today and tomorrow you will be receiving an email reminding you to make a selection for the Cycle 5 Learning Preference as in-person or remote.  The selection window will open on March 1 and close on March 5.  It is important that our records are up-to-date, and important that your child maintains the preference they have chosen.  Please make sure the learning preference accurately reflects your family’s needs and contact us should you need to make modifications after the selection window closes on Friday, March 5.


    Progress Reports and Report Cards

    Friday is the final day of instruction before the close of grades for Progress Reports.  Progress Reports will be visible on the HISD Connect Parent Portal next week, and will be mailed to the address on file.  The end of the 4th grading cycle ends March 12th and report cards will be available on March 26. This is a tight grading cycle with the weather days, so check grade books and attendance often to ensure students get credit for their classes.


    Failure Recovery Plans and Credit Appeal

    Assistant Principals are contacting students and parents to discuss a recovery plan for students who failed one or more courses during the first semester. Students who passed their course but failed to secure credit because of attendance were provided an opportunity over the weather days to complete the credit appeal process to regain credit. Many were not able to take advantage of the opportunity because of lost power and wifi. Another opportunity will be available over spring break.  Students who have any missing credits will be expected to participate in Academic Boot Camp during the spring break.  This will be available virtually and in-person, and may not be accessed from outside of the country.  Save the Date!