• Club Objectives 

      YMHM will promote mental health awareness and education within Lamar High School. YMHM will provide an ongoing space for students to have a stigma-free place to discuss mental health. YMHM will provide a bridge between community mental health resources and Lamar High School.


      Club Motto 


      Your mind matters, too.


      Who Can Join? 


      Student at Lamar (We are inclusive because we would like to be there for anyone and everyone)


      What Will we do?


      Supporting marathon runners by holding up signs and providing snacks and beverages. Yoga session. Volunteering at mental health clinics and substance-abuse facilities. Picnics with members, sponsor, friends, and family. Lemonade stand in the park for bystanders. Passing kind notes to strangers in public (and placing on walls and poles) and peers. Offering breakfast and lunch for Lamar students and teachers.