• Club Objectives 

      This CS Honors Society encourages high school students’ enthusiasm for computer science, honors academic excellence, and promotes service.


      Club Motto 


      Club runs on three principals----Equity: a realization that any student has the potential to enroll, to grow, and to excel in computing. Service: empowering members to become ambassadors of the computer science discipline, helping underscore its importance as a mainstay in the school and community. Excellence: a commitment to promoting outstanding scholarship in computer science coursework. 


      Who Can Join? 


      9-12th graders; 80 and above in all classes; At least 1 semester of Computer Science; Each member shall complete ten hours of service each academic year of membership. At least half of these hours (five hours) shall include service related to computer science; 

      What Will we do?


      1) Students will be required to perform at least ten hours of community service per academic year. 2. Members may complete additional service hours to earn achievement recognition as follows twenty-five hours bronze service award, fifty hours silver service award, and one hundred hours gold service award per academic year