The HISD Transportation Department is responsible for preparing routes and schedules and furnishes the school with copies of bus routes. The HISD Transportation Department also mails individual route information to student families. Lanier’s Vanguard Coordinator assists with busing and will work with you and the HISD Transportation Department if scheduling information needs to be changed. When an HISD bus arrives late to Lanier (after 7:45 a.m.), students on that bus will receive a “Late Bus Permit” to class as they exit the bus, or from the Vanguard Office, and their tardy will be noted as excused. The Late Bus Permit will note the time of arrival. Students should report to their 1st period within 5 minutes of their arrival. Students are required to go directly to their locker to secure books, etc. for 1st period and report to class. It is the student’s responsibility to be at the bus stop 10 minutes before their scheduled time. If a parent or student feels that a bus scheduling problem exists, report your concern to the Vanguard Coordinator at Lanier, (713) 942-1900 or directly to the HISD Routing and Scheduling Department, (713) 613-3040. School districts are not required by law to provide bus service. Transportation is rendered as an auxiliary service by the local board. Transportation service can be discontinued at any time per the HISD Code of Conduct. Responsible student behavior is important for the safety of all passengers. Riding the bus is a privilege. Students may ride only the bus to which they are assigned. Exceptions to this policy (i.e.: riding home with a friend) are rare and must be cleared through the Vanguard Office at least one day in advance. Both students must bring individual notes from parents with phone numbers for verification and will be given a Bus Pass to show the driver if approved.
    To make your bus ride to and from school as safe and pleasant as possible, please read and observe the following rules and responsibilities for bus riders: 

    • Be careful when approaching the school bus area.

    • Arrive at your designated stop at least ten minutes before the bus is due.

    • Stay off the street while waiting for the bus.

    • Form a single line at the stop, which is always on the right side of the street.

    • Approach the bus entrance only after the bus comes to a complete stop and the door opens.


    Once on the bus, you should:

    • Be courteous to the driver and the other students.

    • Keep the bus litter-free. No food or beverages are to be consumed while on the bus.

    • Speak in a normal tone. Loud speech and laughter create distractions for the driver, which could cause an


    • Remain quiet when approaching a railroad crossing.

    • Never tamper with the bus or its equipment.

    • Always treat bus equipment as you would valuable furniture in your home. Any damage to the bus must be paid

      for by the offender.

    • Keep all parts of your body as well as all objects inside the bus.

    • Keep feet, books, packages, coats, as well as all other objects out of the aisles.

    • Sit in your assigned seat each day.

    • Stay in your seat while the bus is in motion.

    • Never engage in horseplay, scuffling, or fighting on the bus.

    • Avoid tossing anything either inside or outside the bus.

    • Never carry illegal objects such as drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons.

    • Observe the rules of good conduct and show courtesy to everyone. The use of profane language, rude gestures,

      or malicious behavior such as teasing another student will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action

      for the offender.

    • Remain on the bus, unless instructed otherwise, during emergency situations or if the bus develops mechanical    



    Getting off the bus:

    • If you live on the right side of the street, leave the bus and walk in a direction in which you can be seen by the 


    • If you live on the left side of the street, leave the bus and walk about 15 feet in front of the bus. Watch for the

      driver’s signal that it is safe. You are then to walk parallel with the left front fender of the bus, stop, and look in

      both directions to see if it is safe before proceeding.

    • Be alert to danger signals by the driver.

    • Never try to cross the street behind the bus.

    • Riders will be discharged only at an assigned bus stop.


    Disciplinary actions:

    Lanier Middle School administration will use the following disciplinary steps:

     First Offense:              Warning issued and parent notified

     Second Offense:          1 - 2 days suspension from bus

     Third Offense:             3 - 5 days suspension from bus

     Fourth Offense:           Exclusion from riding the bus




    Bus Passes:

    Students may ride only the bus to which they are assigned. Exceptions to this policy (i.e.: school projects and emergencies) are rare and must be cleared through the Vanguard Office. If requesting to ride the bus with a friend, both children must bring notes from parents at least one day in advance with telephone numbers to verify.


    HISD Transportation Services utilize cameras to record student activity.