Lanier Middle School provides each student with a picture ID. All students will wear this ID around their necks with the appropriate grade-level colored lanyard at all times. The barcode on the badge is the student’s ID number. It is suggested that students leave their badges in their locker at the end of the day.

     • Students should view their ID badge the same way they should their planner. They must have both in order to leave the classroom for any reason.

    • If a student loses, misplaces or defaces his/her badge or lanyard, he/she will be required to request a replacement before or after school or during lunch. The cost for a replacement ID badge and lanyard is $3.00.

     • Additional consequences will be assigned if a student chooses not to adhere to the ID badge expectations at all times.

    • Students will be required to present his/her ID badge in order to check out a book from the school library, purchase food from the snack bar, enter the patios, use school computers, or participate in free-dress days.