Administering of medication is allowed (by the school nurse) only by order of a physician and with parental consent as recorded on HISD form 40.3740. This form must be on file in the clinic before the medication is administered. Medication is only administered during school hours when it is deemed medically necessary. All medication must have a pharmacy label on the container. Students bringing medication to school are to take it to the nurse in the clinic immediately upon entry to the building. A student may never be in possession of medication for the purpose of self-administration. (Exception: In the case of asthma, the physician expressly orders the student to carry an inhaler and meets the above stated criteria.) Over the counter (OTC) medications may only be administered in accordance with the policy as stated above. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the administering of medication at school, please contact the school nurse, Ms. Joan Lawrence, R.N., B.S.N., at 713-942-1900, ext. 324 or at