Lanier students are not allowed to have cell phones in their possession at anytime during the instructional day. Cell phones are to be kept in the student’s locker and they must be turned off. When the bell rings at the end of the day, students may get their cell phones prior to leaving the school building. For any confiscated cell phones there is a $15 retrieval fee and the phone must be picked up by a parent/guardian in Office B. Office hours are 7:00 – 4:00.


    Parents, please keep in mind this policy is not intended to thwart any safety plan you may have with your child. They will have their phones available to them prior to entering and after they leave the school building each day. Please remember, we work as a team and will only reach the expected level of success associated with this cellular phone policy if our parents support our efforts by reinforcing the message at home and expecting your child to follow this protocol. Please refrain from contacting your child during the school day via cell phone.


    NOTE: Random checks may be done (purses and pockets) and any/all cell phones found will be confiscated.