• 2023 - 24 Lamar Swim, Diving, Water Polo Leadership Positions

    Treasurer- Sook Miller -Swimming and Diving

    Hospitality Room Coordinator - *vacant*

    Concession Coordinator – *vacant*

    Overnight Chaperones and Coordinator – Leon Pierce, Natalie Wolk

    Banquet/Senior Night Coordinator – *vacant - this is done by the Junior class, but needs a parent leader*

    Clothing Coordinator – Shawna Robertson (to be confirmed)

    Timing System- Swim Leon Pierce, Ross Reedstrom, Angel Breaker 

    Score Board Operating Coordinator – unknown, one of the above

    Announcing Coordinator – Natalie Wolk

    Meet Program Publishing Director – Kelly Malone 


    *NEW* Volunteer Coordinator - this role was discussed late into the season last year; someone to ensure all timing slots are filled.

    Coach Walker assisted with this last year but unsure she will be taking this on next year.