• poem The Lamar High School sister school in China, Dalian 24, will be in Houston in January for a week. The Dalian delegation will be at school January 23-January 30. There are 12 students coming and this year there are 2 boys and 10 girls. We are excited about this year's exchange!
    For over ten years, Lamar High School has been exchanging students, teachers, ideas, and a passion for learning with Dalian 24, a secondary school located in the city of Dalian, China. Lamar hosts several students and teachers from Dalian, which allows an exchange of ideas and perspectives on the world, education, and family. The students of both schools reinforce the idea of being lifelong learners and establish unique friendships. The invaluable time spent with the students is one of the highlights of the year and has proven to be the highlight of students lives.
    Dalian students are given a list of arranged activities from field trips, group dinners, and of course class time here at Lamar. A lot of effort is made to make students feel as comfortable as possible while they are so far from home, from their parents, and from their daily routine. It's always a huge success for all involved. Each summer, Lamar invites students to go on a two week trip to China to visit Dalian and several other major cities. This exchange of cultures is one of the most enriching programs at Lamar High School. For more information on exchange programs see the page: Student Exchange Programs
    If you would like to be involved in this once in a lifetime opportunity to open your home and broaden your horizons, the Lamar PTO coordinates host families to offer their home and hearts to bright-eyed Dalian students. For more information on how you can be a host, contact the LamarPTO.
    "Dalian Students Arrive at Airport to Texas Welcome" 
    dalian at airport
    "Dalian Meets Their Hosts on Campus" 
    arrive at school  
    "Lamar Puts On A Pep Rally for Dalian 24's Arrival" 
    pep welcome  
Last Modified on February 15, 2013