Lamar Student Service Center

Ensuring student health, safety and well-being is of utmost importance to all of us at Lamar High School. While academics are at the heart of our district, we cannot understate the significance of providing a safe and comfortable space for all of our students. Through our partnership with Communities in Schools, we can offer students emotional, social and academic support.

Located on the second floor behind the school store, the Student Support Center is open for drop-ins or a student can schedule support in advance.  Within the SSC, we have Certified School Counselors, Licensed Therapists and other support staff. We work closely with all school administrators, parents and staff to provide a setting where students may come if they are struggling in any area of their lives, that is keeping them from being successful in the classroom or life in general.

For students who need more structured support, students may be assigned to the Lamar Success Center (LSC) for a short period.  While students are in the LSC, their teachers will visit them and provide one on one assistance. They will also have easy access to our counselors/therapists, if they so choose.  

The Student Support Center provides:


  1. Tutors
  2. Mentors
  3. Group counseling
  4. School Uniform assistance
  5. Access to social service agencies such as food banks, temporary housing and outside counseling agencies
  6. LSC (Lamar Success Center) – A classroom with a teacher where a student that may need to slowly transition back to their schedule, due to medical or personal reasons. A referral may also be made by a staff member, parent or student. Approval must be made through Ms. Tello (SSC Coordinator/Asst. Principal) or Mr. Jackson (Dean of Students).

The Bridge – A classroom with a teacher for students that have violated the Student Code of Conduct and have been found in possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia. Time required: 45 successful days. Approval must be made through Mr. Jackson.