Content Delivery

Asynchronous Instructional Model

During the time that schools are closed, the District will make every effort to ensure that student education continues uninterrupted. Houston ISD has fully adopted the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards as the foundation for curriculum and instruction and will be implementing an asynchronous instructional model. Although the asynchronous model is the preeminent form of instruction to be delivered to students, short time increments of synchronous instruction will happen regularly as a part of the asynchronous plan.


  • Students engage in daily, recorded flipped lessons created by the teacher.
  • Students attend short, live guided practice on Microsoft Teams with the teacher and classmates.
  • Students can get additional support by attending small group instruction.
  • Students complete independent assigned learning activities on a daily basis.
  • Students will engage in the instructional model, correlating with our regular two-day blocked bell schedule, and turn in assignments daily to serve not only as a measure of mastery, but also to be awarded attendance credit.


Design of Instructional Materials and Content

Teachers will deliver asynchronous instruction via the district adopted LMS, the HUB, while using Microsoft Teams to facilitate short synchronous, direct and small group instruction via Teams. Instructional materials will be designed and adapted for asynchronous instruction through various modalities of the LMS. To ensure instructional materials and content are coherent and logically sequenced to reinforce continuity of learning remotely, TEKS- aligned HUB courses will be organized in a logical format using the built-in Plans tool to allow students ease of navigation to support self-guidance of course materials. In addition, instructional materials will consistently reinforce concepts to ensure retention of knowledge for an asynchronous learning experience. Therefore, instructional materials and assignments will be broken up into weekly plans containing daily student expectations.