Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Students will have the opportunity to work with the teacher, with classmates and independently within the daily learning schedule.  Students who may need more flexibility may arrange that in advance with their neighborhood Assistant Principal.


                     Daily Class Schedule

8:30 - 10:03

1st and 5th Period

10:10 – 11:45

2nd and 6th Period

11:45 – 12:15


12:15 – 12:48

Tutorials/Club Meetings/Neighborhood Meetings

12:55 – 2:28

3rd and 7th Period

2:35 – 4:10

4th and 8th Period


90-Minute Instructional Cycle


Flipped Lesson - Recorded Direct Instruction Prior to Class Period posted on the HUB

20 Minutes/class

<= 80 minutes per day

Live Synchronous Instruction

Guided Inquiry/Guided Practice Instruction live with teacher and classmates on Microsoft Teams

30 minutes at the beginning of each class period 

180 minutes per day 

Teacher Support

Small group instruction and tutorials on Microsoft Teams

Additional 30 minutes after live, synchronous instruction during each designated class period 

180 minutes per day designated

Asynchronous Instruction

Independent practice with mastery measure for each class period submitted through HUB, On-track, or Turnitin.com, etc.

Last 30 minutes of each designated class period  

 180 minutes per day