Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning

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Social Emotional Learning Department promotes the process for helping children and adults develop fundamental skills for life effectiveness. SEL teaches social competencies and interpersonal skills we need to be successful citizens, have positive relationships, and function effectively in society. These skills are designed to foster positive student academic outcomes and to help adults understand, develop, and model SEL skills such as:


  • recognizing and managing our emotions
  • developing caring and concern for others
  • establishing positive relationships
  • making responsible decisions, and
  • managing challenging situations constructively and ethically.


Students, Parents and Guardians

At home:

  • Establish routines to help the student be more successful.
  • Monitor use of social media platforms and limit viewing of news broadcasts.
  • Students may develop symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress. Understand the role
  • mental health plays in the development of the whole child in physical health, school performance, and behavior.
  • For counseling, mental health education, and to obtain mental health referrals contact 24/7 Mental Health Let’s Stay Connected Hotline @ 713-556-1340
  • Submit secure and anonymous safety concerns using the Sandy Hook Hotline 1(844)572-9669
  • Utilize resources and tools via


SEL supports include resources and trainings on various topics such as:

  • Weekly Webinars based on current SEL and Mental Health topics
  • How to effectively utilize SEL resources at home to provide hands on tools to support scholars
  • Understanding the reasons that may cause a scholar to display challenging behaviors, adjustment problems,
  • and offer various options and solutions to effectively respond to the behavior
  • Mindfulness – relaxation techniques, calmly accepting feelings, noticing your reactions, feelings in the body, and helpful versus harmful thoughts


Effective parenting for scholars experiencing trauma:

  • Identifying patterns of behavior and reactions that do not seem to “fit” the situation (triggers)
  • What distracts your scholar, makes him or her anxious, or results in negative behavior?
  • Help your scholar avoid situations that trigger trauma
  • COVID19 may be a shared (collective) trauma for scholars and parents
  • Visit for SEL parent resources



Wraparound Services

  • The Wraparound Services Department connects students and their families with community-resources that address the non-academic challenges that students face which ultimately impact their ability to learn.
  • For the 2020-2021 school year, the Wraparound Resource Specialist role will be added to 70 additional campuses; meaning that this position will exist full-time at 210 of the district’s 280 campuses. By the 2021- 2022 school year, every HISD campus should have a full-time Wraparound Specialist.
  • Wraparound Resource Specialists will use a data-based approach to identify students in need, and to connect them to the appropriate non-academic supports that address critical issues such as mental health and physical needs, food insecurity, lack of stable housing, violence, incarceration of a parent, legal and crisis support and many other challenges that can have adverse effects on a student’s readiness and ability to learn.
  • Wraparound Resource Specialists will build partnerships between their campuses and resources available in their local communities, helping to leverage partnerships to meet the unique needs of HISD campuses.
  • Wraparound Resources Specialists will work collaboratively with school leadership, counselors, nurses and teachers to ensure that students and families with the greatest needs are being properly connected to resources that will enhance their academic outcomes.
  • Wraparound specialists will also assist students and families that campuses are having difficulty locating
  • Wraparound specialists will collaborate with the Student Assistance department (homeless/foster care/residential) to provide additional layered support to such student groups.
  • Wraparound specialists will work closely with the Strategic Partnerships department to ensure that additional community resources are made available.
  • Additional information and a directory of all wraparound specialist can be found at