Jeremy Grant-Skinner — Chief Talent Officer

  • Jeremy Grant-SkinnerJeremy Grant-Skinner brings a wealth of experience to HISD. He began his career as a first-grade teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools, where he later served as chief human capital officer from 2017 to 2021. With his leadership, Baltimore achieved record-high teacher retention, record-low teacher vacancies, and new highs in the number of Latinx and Black male teachers. Mr. Grant-Skinner launched Opportunity Culture programs expanding teacher leadership and development opportunities in Baltimore and in Syracuse, NY. Mr. Grant-Skinner worked with TNTP (The New Teacher Project) and Teach For America leading talent initiatives, including innovative compensation models and an equity-focused principal preparation program. He also served as deputy assistant superintendent at the District of Columbia state education agency.

    A first-generation college student, Mr. Grant-Skinner graduated with honors from New York University. He also earned a master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Education and a law degree from the University of Maryland. He studied politics and mathematics at New York University before moving to Baltimore City in 2001.

    Contact Information:

    Chief Talent Officer Jeremy Grant-Skinner
    Houston Independent School District
    4400 West 18th Street, Houston, TX 77092-8501

    Phone: 713-556-7353