• Insurance
    1. You may buy Insurance Coverage through HISD. You can pay for the HISD insurance on School Pay, you may also pay by cash or card at the business office, 2nd floor, N211.
    You must bring your receipt from school pay or the business office attached to your athletic packet when you turn it in.
    If your student gets injured while participating in a UIL approved sport you must contact the coach immediately, and if you plan on using the HISD insurance there are procedures to follow and forms to fill out in order to use it. Please be aware that this is a supplement to your insurance.
    If you do not have insurance you must buy the HISD insurance.
    2.Waiver, if you decide not to buy the insurance you must fill out a waiver. The waiver is not in the Athletic Packet, this form must be notarized and by law you cannot sign it unless you are in front of a notary. I am a notary and will be happy to notarize it for you or you can use a notary of your choice. Please bring a copy of your license and your student's proof of insurance, we will not be able to complete the waiver without that information. 
    Thank you very much