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    One of the top goals of the Lamar High School track program is to build on an already strong tradition that can be continued well on into the future.  A major goal this year is to create a total program that will compete at a high level.  As coaches here at Lamar, our priority is to educate the kids about the sport and good sportsmanship.  The athletes will be taught about the sport, and then they will be trained to compete at a high level.  Track members need to be aware of our mandatory practice schedule and the emphasis that we place on strong work ethics.  We feel that in order to build a more competitive team, athletes need to be present in order to gain an opportunity to receive maximum training. We look forward to working with you and preparing you to be a better athlete and a better person.




    This year, we will be using a free app called Sports You to communicate important updates to athletes and parents concerning practices, meet schedules, and other important information about the Lamar Track Program. Parents and athletes are welcome and encouraged to join Lamar Track & Field Program code is 5RK2HJQL,  Coach Green at