•              Welcome, New Texans! 



    The PTO Board has created this page to help you and your child have a smooth and successful transition to our wonderful community.  Please feel free to reach out to our Executive Board members any time and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


    • Class Committees are a great resource for course information, parent meetings, graduating class fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities.
    • Sign up for important communications about grade level events:  2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.
    • Families should leave extra time for their school commute. After the first 2 weeks of school the logistics generally work themselves out, so please have patience and in all cases we urge you to care for the safety of ALL of our students and staff.
    • Additionally, many students take Metro buses which stop at the corner of Westheimer and River Oaks Boulevard so please watch for students crossing the street at those times of day.
    • Parking on the streets surrounding Lamar is largely prohibited during school hours.
    • Only students with parking permits issued by Lamar may park in the student parking lot.
    • Traffic on Alabama and Westheimer is congested with St. Johns, Lamar, and commuter traffic.
    • Lamar does not typically post a 'supply' list for the school year.
    • Students should bring laptops on Day 1 and teachers will give info on what types of supplies are needed.
    • A spacious backpack is a must because Lamar does not have lockers, so laptops (in the case) and notebooks, etc., must be carried with the student throughout the day.
    • Planners are not supplied by the school so students may want to obtain those separately to stay organized.
    • Be prepared with pens, highlighters, pencils, college ruled paper, and a folder or two for assignments and handouts.
    • Specific types of notebooks, composition books, binders are at teacher's discretion and will be communicated in school, as will any needed calculators. 
    • Familiarize yourself with the Lamar High School website.  
    • Unsure where to look to find the info you need?  Simply use the "SEARCH" field at the top of any page to quickly find information on a specific topic.  
    • In addition, click this link to find important academic advising information specifically for new students and parents, including class descriptions, extracurricular activities, tutorial schedule, etc.
    • Return to the Lamar website often, as new information is updated throughout the school year.
    • Visit the Lamar PTO webpage often to learn about volunteer opportunities. 
    • Identify which family office your child is in. Your Academic Advisors office is your Family Office.
    • Make sure you and your student know where it is located in the school.  Many forms and questions need to be taken there and questions on attendance, tardies, signing your child out early, etc. are handled through this office.
    • Parents must sign in at the Main Office before proceeding to their Student's Family Office. 
    • Locate your child's academic advisor and contact information here: Advisor Directory.
    • Sign up on the Academic Advisors Remind app, to receive current information and event notifications about your student's curriculum pathways.
    • Identify your student's Academic Pathway.
    • Click this link to find important and detailed information specifically for new students and parents, including Power Points, Schedules, Class information, etc.

    STUDENT HANDBOOK:   Questions about attendance, tardies, detention, etc. can be found in the Student Handbook.

    GRADE & ATTENDANCE ALERTS:  If you haven't done so already, set up an account on HISD's Parent Student Connect to get text messages and alerts on your child's grades, attendance, etc.


    • Review the Lamar Dress Code Policy here. 
    • Purchase apparel at the Lamar school store, located in the Natatorium.  Click here for store hours, etc.
    • Lamar approved apparel can also be purchased at Academic Outfitters - Pin Oak Centre, 5475 West Loop S #150


    SPORTS & FINE ARTS:  If your child is interested in participating in a sport or fine art elective, click on the following links for more information.  Sports / Fine Art Elective.

    JUNIORS & SENIORS:  Plan to attend College Night in the Fall (check the PTO calendar for details on when and where).
    • If you would like to sign-up for the 2018-19 school year as a volunteer, you will need to register as a VIP first. The response time for approval is usually within 72 hours. 
    • After registering online and undergoing the annual background check, volunteers can work in any HISD school for the school year. VIPS registration is annual.


Last Modified on July 26, 2019