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    A Mission to Improve Advocacy

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School

    Grade Level Considerations

    9th grade: Consider academic, social, personal, and advocacy goals

    10th grade:

    11th grade: 

    12th grade: Log in to Naviance and select two scholarships




    Essential Question:  What is a Mission Statement?



    (Reading, Writing, and Discourse)


    1. The students and the facilitator will create a Mission Statement that will reflect the purpose and goals of your Advocacy group (please follow the guidelines provided in PPT). 
    2. These Mission Statements will be present in the Cafeteria among all the other group's posters.




    (This activity will continue on Monday, September 25th, so after brainstorming and creating a rough mission statement come to a stopping point and complete the task on Monday.)

    Reflection and Discourse



    1. What elements of the Mission Statement do they feel could serve as an inspiration to others?

    Further Studies

    You should…

    1. Explain that on Monday, September 25th students will have time to design an aesthetically appealing poster.