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Advocacy Lesson

Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School 

Date -Monday/Wednesday- April 22 and 24 

Essential Question: What defines leadership? 


Task 1: Leadership True or False 

  1. Advocacy teacher or student leader will read statements- if the student believes it is TRUE, then they should stand, but if the student believes it is FALSE, then they will remain sitting down. After reading each statement ask one student who believes it is False and one who believes it is True to share their reasoning.  
    • You have to be born as a leader in order to be one. (F) 
    • Everyone is capable of being a leader. (T) 
    • You can learn qualities that will make you a more effective leader. (T) 
    • Leadership is a bunch of traits inside an individual. (F) 
    • A leader is someone that does something first or is the best in a group. (F) 
    • Only extroverts can be leaders. (F) 
    • Leading is not doing things for a group; it is helping a group decide what needs to be done and how it plans to do it. (T) 
    • The strongest and most impactful leaders are male. (F)  
  2. Class Discussion-Advocacy teacher or student leader can lead this discussion: 
    • Do you see yourself as a leader today? Why or why not?  
    • What leadership characteristics do you see in our political leaders? 
    • How do we develop our leadership skills?  

Task 2Leadership Obstacles and Solutions   

  1. Play the video: 
  2. Class Discussion-Advocacy teacher or student leader can lead this discussion: 
    • What are the obstacles women face as leaders?  
    • Why do you think these obstacles exist?  
    • How do women overcome these obstacles? 
    • How does cultural background influence the expectations for women and minorities?  
    • Do you feel that expectations differ by race/ethnicity? Why or why not? 
    • In your opinion, what are ways we can increase the numbers of women in leadership roles (corporate, government, politics)? 
    • How can we continue to build solutions to all of the obstacles?  


Reflection and Discourse 

Closing Discuss: What is the problem with expecting every leader to be exactly the same?