The Value of a GPA

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School


    Monday/Wednesday- Feb 4/6




    Essential Question:  What value do universities place on a student's GPA?



     "Average College GPA"

     Task 1: Read- "Average College GPA"

    1. Divide the reading of the article into six groups:
      1. Group 1- Understanding the College GPA (1-4)
      2. Group 2- Understanding the College GPA (1-4)
      3. Group 3 - College Grades
      4. Group 4 - Average GPA by Major
      5. Group 5 - College Acceptance Rates
      6. Group 6 - GPA in High School
    2. First, each student will read his or her assign section, and then, they will create an effective summary outlining the key information. Allow 8-10 (have students write this on their own paper).
    3. Then, in their groups, students will discuss their findings. The group will develop a group summary (each student should write the group paragraph on their paper). (Allow 8-10 minutes
    4. Next, each group will select a group representative or two representatives who will present the paragraph to the class. (Allow 2-3 minutes per group)
    1. Finally, allow other classmates to ask questions to each group if further clarification is needed.

    Task 2: Evaluating GPAs if you can complete this task on the same day- then continue- if not, then finish on Wednesday. The students may use the links provided on the reading to complete this task. On the same paper were students developed their individual paragraph/group paragraph, they will answer the following questions:

    1. What is your GPA?
      • What is your unweighted GPA
      • What is your weighted GPA
      • What is your HCC GPA? (if applicable)
    2. What value and importance have you placed on your high school/or your HCC GPA?
    3. What did you learn about your GPA based on the article?
    4. How do you plan to improve your GPA? Or to maintain your GPA?
    5. Why do you believe colleges, universities place so much value on a student's GPA? 

    Reflection and Discourse


     1. Why is it important to continue to improve and/or maintain your GPA?