Community Service-Serves Everyone!

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School


     (Monday - Thursday)




    Essential Question: Why should we volunteer?



    Monday, January 14 


    Task 1: Watch-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z7gDsSKUmU


    After viewing the video, on your own paper, respond to the following questions.



    1. Identify four options discussed, in the video, that you might have or still believe to be true when it comes to trying to change problems in this country or world?
    2. Think honestly, and explain ONE real way you can impact your immediate community? Be clear/explain.
    3. Visit https://www.market.unicefusa.org/inspired-gifts/ and scroll down to “What do you want to give,” and select one of the various options (nutrition, child health, water and sanitation, education, shelter, gift baskets, immunization, and clothes).  Which one did you select? Explain Why.
    4. Once you have selected an option, scroll down, and explain which gift(s) would you provide if you were able to? Explain the reason(s) you selected those gifts What did you learn from this section?
    5. Do you feel websites/resources like these are beneficial and impactful? Explain


    Tuesday, January 15

    Task 2: Read- "Why Community Service Work is Beneficial for Teenagers"

     "Why Community Service Work" Article

    After reading the article, on your own paper, respond to the following questions.



    1. Read the summary of the author’s experience with community service and using 2-3 complete sentences summarize her experience. (Use your own words)
    2. Summarize each of the following categories using 2-3 sentences using your own words:

    ·         The Personal Benefits of Teen Volunteering

    ·         The College Admissions Benefits of Teen Volunteering

    ·         The Career Benefits of Teen Volunteering

    1.  After reading the article, has your view on community service changed?
    2. How many hours of community service have you completed? Where have you volunteered? What fulfilment/or reward have your experienced for volunteering?


    Share Out: Provide time for students in Advocacy to share out personal examples of community service they have participated in, and they should explain what fulfillment/or reward was obtained.


    Wednesday, January 16 


    Task: Using the ideas from the video, article, and discussion, the advocacy class will create a poster that showcases the benefits, reasons they should participate in volunteer and/or community service. Your poster may include the names of the Advocacy students/teacher and encourage each student to add at least two words that summarize the importance, value of volunteering to them. Feel free to also include images/or pictures of people volunteering. Finally, in the poster, students may also include locations/places they have volunteered. After the poster is completed, please post it near the classroom door (outside).



     Pic 2


    Reflection and Discourse

    Discuss 1/16:

     1. How does helping others uplift our own spirit?