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Advocacy Lesson

Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School 

Date -Monday/Wednesday- April 8 and 10 

Essential Question: Why is it important to understand what matters to us? 



Task 1: The Self 

  1. Ask students: "What Matters to you?"- Examples: my family, my phone, food, being on vacation, health, friends, etc.  
  2. Class leader: should write all the responses on a paper or board 
  3. In small groups, have the students discuss the following questions:  
    1. Why does _________________ matter to me? 
    2. What would happen if I didn't have ______? 
  4. Have each group share 2-3 examples of what matters to them and why.  

Task 2: The Community 

  1. Provide students with paper/markers or pens to complete the task.  
  2. Students in groups of 2-4 will design the "ideal community". They will write down everything that will depict their community. They should brainstorm the top 10 things they want in their community.  
  3. They will create a "Poster" of the 10 most important things their community must have.  
  4. Student groups will share their community and explain why those 10 things are important to them.  

Reflection and Discourse 

Closing Discuss: “What can we do today to create this type of change for tomorrow?”