Decoding an Academic Transcript

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School


    Monday/Wednesday- Feb 11/13




    Essential Question:  What are the benefits of understanding your transcript?



     "How to Read a Transcript"  and Reflective Response Activity

    Task 1: Read- "How to Read a High School Transcript (EECHS)"


        1. Divide the reading of the article amongst the students. Have the students read the information aloud.
        2. Discuss any confusion students might have over the information provided in the article.


    Task 2: Complete- "Reflective Response"


      1. First, teachers will explain the Reflective Response Activity. This activity will be used to guide the student through a better understanding of the information. Students may refer to the article to complete this task. [Advocacy teachers may select to have students work in groups or individually].
      2. Next, students must complete the Reflective Response activity on their own paper. Remember to use complete sentences and clear ideas to respond to each question.
      3. Finally, once the activity is completed, the Advocacy teacher will collect them for his or her files.

    Reflection and Discourse


     1. What information was most beneficial from the transcript activity?