Graduation Tool Kit

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School


    Monday/Wednesday- Feb 18/20






    Essential Question:  What are my graduation requirements from HS?



    Graduation Information Handouts.

    *The Lesson below is a suggestion, but junior/senior level advocacy teachers/students can create an alternative approach. Students may read the information as a class and discuss current issues/or concerns they are having with requirements for graduation. 

     Task 1: Read- "Graduation Plan Information"

        1. Divide the reading of the article into four groups: (An option is to have students number off from 1, 2, 3, and 4)
          1. Group 1- Graduation Program- Overview
          2. Group 2- Distinguished Level of Achievement-Benefits
          3. Group 3 - Endorsements-Choices
          4. Group 4 - Graduation Program- Checklists
        2. First, each student will read his or her assigned section, and then, students will create an effective summary outlining the key information. Allow 8-12 (have students write this on their own paper).
        3. Next, in their groups, students will discuss their findings. Then, the group will develop a group "poster" which will provide vital information from their assigned section. (Allow 8-12 minutes

     Task 2: Presentations- "Graduation Plan Information" 

          1. First, each group will select a group representative or two representatives who will present the poster to the class. (Allow 3-6 minutes per group presentation)
          1. Next, allow other classmates to ask questions to each presenting group if further clarification is needed.
    • Review, either the Advocacy Teacher or a Lead Student can use the visual provided to review key information.


    Reflection and Discourse


     1. What information was most beneficial from this activity?