• Week 1:

    Thursday (1/10)- 

    Academic Reflection and POA

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School-

    Essential Question: How do we create realistic solutions to our academic concerns/or obstacles?


        1. The students will reflect on their academic concerns from their first semester. They should complete the "Advocacy Goal Setting Plan of Action".
        2. Students must identify their concern/or obstacles for five courses.
        3. They should develop short term goals (within the next three weeks) and long-term goals (by the end of the semester). Then, they should clearly state what Plan of Action (POA) will they follow to eliminate this problem. The POA can be done as a quick check list- "To Do List" for improving a grade or other concern. Be specific on your goals- avoid “study more” or “go to tutorials”- rather make statements like- “study 1 hour a night for Geometry” or “attending English tutorials twice a week”.

    Growth Plan Form

    Discuss with the class:

     1. “What adjustments must I make to assure that I am successful in all my courses?”