Degrees and Certifications:

Advocacy Lesson

Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School 


Monday/Wednesday- April 15 and 17 


Essential Question: What are you confident about?  



Task 1: EECHS Mandatory Lesson 

  1. "Global Graduate Student Survey"- must be completed by all students in grade 9-12. This survey is now open, and all students must complete the survey by April 18, 2019, during the Advocacy Period.  
    • To access the survey, students should log into the HUB and search for the course called "Global Graduate Student Survey Spring 2019." 
    • The district is administering this online survey to collect data related to HISD Board Goal #2, which calls for the percentage of graduates meeting the district's Global Graduate standards as measured by the College and Career Readiness component of the Texas accountability system. 

Task 2: You are the Expert 

  1. Advocacy Teacher or Student Leader will ask: What is an expert? What do they know? And What do they do? 
  2. Students should stand in a circle, and then have all the participants answer the following question:  
  • What are you an expert on?  
    • The expertise can be academic, personal, or even something others might consider "silly"  

Examples: I am an expert at fractions. I am an expert at baking chocolate chip cookies. I am an expert at finding the best sales. I am an expert at making a duck sound.  

  • The statement must be "I am an expert in _________, and I am proud of this expertise because _______________."  

Task 3: We are the Experts 

  1. Ask a student to stand up and restate his or her "I am an expert" statement, but this time everyone who is an expert in the same thing should stand up. Then, pick a new student to make his or her expert statement and repeat this process. (You should have at least 12-15 students restate their statement.  
  2. Advocacy or Student leader will present the following questions:  
    • Was it difficult to declare your expertise?  
    • Did you know what you were an expert in 

Reflection and Discourse 

Closing DiscussHow did it feel to know someone else might be an expert in the same thing as you?