• BASEBALL 2020-2021


    The Team posing


    Burbank Middle School Baseball Team under Manager Mr. Jeremiah Dozier participated in a short tournament that was held at Briar Meadows Middle School last June. Participating schools included Pilgrim, Westbriar MS, Tanglewood, Pershing, McReynolds, the host school Briar Meadows and Burbank MS. It was a double elimination tournament where Burbank's team reached the semifinals.

    At the end of the season, our students had a friendly parent-student game.

    Parents students game

    Another activity our team took part of was in a Campus Clean-Up Activity around the neighborhood. 

    Batting practice

    The Team went to the DBat Softball and Baseball Academy site in West Houston for some batting practice after which they grabbed garbage bags and went around the neighborhood cleaning up. In no time at all, the whole area was sparkling!

    Making sure everything is clean

    The kids are learning that together they can achieve much, not only in the field of play, but in life. Mr. Dozier is very happy to see that, since he's a firm believer in giving back to your community whenever you can.   

    The clean-up posse with Mr Dozier

    Our Baseball parents are very supportive of our team. They sponsored the batting practice at DBat and one of the parents, Ms. Stacey Casique, treated the team to a delicious pizza.  

    Our students welcomed the chance to be outside and play baseball after more than a year of inactivity, and hopefully there will be more good times to come in the near future. 

Burbank Baseball Team Roster 2020-2021

Name Position
Jaden Gonzalez Starting pitcher
Adolfo Aguayo Third base, First base
William Garcia Catcher, Pitcher
Ramon Espinoza Second Base
Brandon Galicia Shortstop
Jose Gonzalez First base
David Perez Left field
Kayden Munguia Centerfield
Isaac Martinez Right field
Alonzo Castro Shortstop
Alexander Cabrera Third base, Catcher
Daniel Rangel Right field
Edgar De Leon Centerfield
Fausto Espinoza Left field, Centerfield
Francisco Padilla Third base
Isaac Benavidez Left field
Jacob Lopez Centerfield
Jayden Ruiz Left field
Marcus Hernandez Right field
Juan Garza Shortstop
Eric Martinez Second base, Left field
Mr. Jeremiah Dozier Manager