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  • Karate Belt Ceremony

    KickStart Kids Karate Belt Ceremony


    On December 20, 2023, Burbank Middle School KickStart Kids Karate students had the traditional Belt Ceremony for the first semester. The ceremony took place in two parts to accommodate the number of students who needed to be present to receive their belts. It was held in the gymnasium beginning at 5:30 pm.

    Purple belts

    There are several belts that our students can aspire to earn. They begin with the White Belt and work their way all the way up to Black Belt. In order, the belts are: white, yellow, purple, orange, blue, green, red, and finally black. Within the Black Belt, you can also earn degrees throughout your life, so you can continue 

  • learning all your life.

    Master Beel

    As Master Beel distributed the belts, the rest of the students sat in order, waiting their turn. There were over 150 karate students who received their belts that day.

    Waiting their turn

    It was a very happy occasion for both parents and students, and a motive of great satisfaction to their Sensei, Master Beel. They are now going to be working very hard to participate in the Spring Qualifier which will take place in Manvel Jr High on February 17, 2024.

    Karate Tourney



    On Saturday, October 28, 2023, we traveled to Manvel, Texas, to take part in the Region 2 Fall Qualifier Tournament. Our team was made up of 16 karate students, and these are the results:

    Valeria Gutierez 1st in forms

    Brandon Reyes 1st in sparring

    Adriana Flores 3rd sparring

    Reina Rodriguez (High School) 3rd Weapons forms

    Giovanni Martinez 3rd in forms

    Brayan Reyes (High School) 3rd sparring

    Eder Castillo 3rd sparring



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