Special Education Department
  • BURBANK MIDDLE SCHOOL is a comprehensive campus that specializes in providing required support and/or services according to the needs of all its students. This section is dedicated to highlighting the programs that are available for our Special Education and 504 students.

    Upon an annual meeting with the ARD (Annual Review and Dismissal) Committee, a student's Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is developed to implement support and/or services for each qualifying student. These are some of the services that are available at Burbank:

    • Co-Facilitation- Special Education teachers collaborate with general education teachers to offer support to students who receive special education services in English/Language Arts-Reading and Math with appropriate accommodations in order to have access to the general curriculum. 
    • Dyslexia Intervention- Students who have been identified as requiring Dyslexia intervention will receive services through monitoring or direct interventions.
    • Resource Classes- We offer specialized classes that support students to bridge gaps from previous years, TEKS that have not been mastered, in order to access the general curriculum. The resource classes will not be scheduled for more than 21% of the day.
    • BSC- This approach is a continual teaching, modeling, and reinforcing of positive behavior to support student's positive behavior, reduce discipline issues, and promote a climate of safety and learning.
    • Life Skills for Learning and Living- Our SLL program provides individualized instruction to students with significant congnitive disabilities. Instruction focuses on functional skills that prepare our students for real life living.

    Our Special Education students are enrolled in electives such as art and music and have physical education as well as health education. We want to ensure that all our Special Education stundents enjoy the least restrictive educational environment. 

    Our Special Education Chair, Ms. Ledy Mendez, in collaboration with the Special Education teachers and support staff, takes pride in ensuring that students are given the opportunity of a safe and productive learning environment through services and support. Ms. Cassandra Sandoval, Special Education Teacher Specialist and Section 504 Administrator, ensures that parents take part in the planning of their children's educational career. As a team, we ensure that the Special Population programs are in compliance with state and federal laws.

    SECTION 504

    Students who have some condition not related to a leaning disability but which interferes with their learning, such as lack of mobility or a medical condition such as asthma, will be taken care of through accommodations elaborated through the Section 504 Committee. If you have any questions or require more information, you may contact the Section 504 Administrator by emailing her at Cassandra Sandoval or by leaving her a message though the school number 713-696-2720.