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    Burbank Middle School's Nurse Megan Mills welcomes you to the Nurse's Corner!

    Megan Mills

    The School Nurse is an essential element of our school. She provides many services to the school, such as health promotion, disease prevention, and disease management. The School Nurse is the source of information for families about the services available in the community that have to do with health care.


    The School Nurse's duties and responsibilities are many and varied. She is responsible for:

    • Administering specialized services to students, such as medication, insulin pumps, ventilators, and tube feeding, among others.
    • Managing students with chronic conditions such as diabetes and seizures in order to allow them to stay in class.
    • Verifying immunizations and updating students' records.
    • Preparing for medical emergencies, treating accidents and injuries, and making referrals as needed.
    • Screening and making referrals for vision, hearing, and BMI.
    • Providing health professional input and direction for school and community programs.
    • Educating students and staff on managing their own health and wellness.
    • Counseling students about physical and emotional issues.
    • Promoting compliance with Federal and State Laws that govern health care in schools.


    Our School Nurse is here to help! If you have any questions or concerns, you may call her at 713-696-2720 or email her to Megan Mills