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      Mrs. Devin Garcia, Media Team teacher and Technology Department Chair, put together a project consisting of a series of investigations into the lives of some notable historical people of African descent. Our students would read an article, watch a video, and answer some questions about what they learned. The information for each day was obtained from various sources, including the Britannica and the History Channel. Each day was dedicated to a different historical person, with a Burbank teacher or counselor as sponsor of the day. The student with the highest score on each day will earn a special treat provided by the sponsor of the day. The following teachers were sponsors of this activity: Ms. Garcia, Mr. Cordova, Ms. Jones, Ms. Walters, Ms. A. Robinson, Ms. Porras, Ms. Jennings, Mr. Boyd, Mr. Jennings, Ms. Cole, Ms. Gray.


      You can explore all the historical people our students studied by clicking the reference given for each person in the list below.