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    Burbank's Band meets after school twice a week to practice and perfect their execution under our Band Director, Mr. Wilford Glenn. They need to practice because the band is expected to perform in each of Burbank's activities, be it a Family Night, the Homecoming Game, or Be a Middle School Student for a Day. The band also puts together two annual concerts, the Winter and the Spring Concerts, where they perform an array of songs for our parents, students, and the community. 
    Members of the Concert Band and Orchestra need to be enrolled in band during the school year.


  • Band Director: Mr. Wilford Glenn

    Drumline Instructor: Edwin Rutiaga

    Personal Assistant: Ashley Limon, 8th grade

Instrument Name Grade
Trumpets Kristian Lopez 8th
Alto Sax Eder Castillo 8th
Percussion Omar Fernandez Delara 8th
Flute Gabriel Luna 8th
Trumpet Chrisangel Mares 8th
Keyboard Victoria Monge 8th
Percussion Amanda Monzon 8th
Alto Sax Kevin Ramirez 8th
Flute Sarah Sandoval 8th
Alto Sax Nayeli Valle 8th
Keyboard Daisy Carrizales Moreno 8th
Keyboard Juana Castillo Leal 7th
Alto Sax Ricardo De la Rosa 7th
Clarinet Neztor Gallegos Rodriguez 7th
Clarinet Denisse Gamez 7th
Clarinet Abel Garcia 7th
Baritone Horn Rey Garcia 7th
Flute Leah Hernandez 7th
Instrument Name Grade
Trombone Jesse Zuniga 7th
Trombone Rodolfo Hernandez 7th
Keyboard Cesar Ramirez 7th
Keyboard Matilde Robles Velazquez 7th
Trumpet Christian Perez 7th
Percussion Ky'Drick Scott 7th
Clarinet Rebecca Stephens 7th
Percussion Maurice Youngblood 7th
Baritone Horn Josiah Pulido 7th
Percussion Madelyn Abrego 7th
Baritone Horn Jose Valdez 7th
Percussion Aaron Isaiah Lara 7th
Percussion Justin Acosta 7th
Clarinet Aaida Luna 7th
Percussion Kahel Martinez 7th
French Horn Anthony Rivera 7th
Percussion Mayra Rutiaga 7th


Name Grade
Omar Fernandez Delara 8th
Xavier Hernandez 8th
Amanda Monzon 8th
Amyra Smith 8th
Madeline Abrego 7th
Zay'Vion Glaze 7th
Mayra Rutiaga 7th
Maria Duran Lopez 7th