Under the enthusiastic and capable direction of Mrs. Devin Garcia, our brand-new Gardening Club has been making great progress! Mrs. Garcia is a member of the Urban Harvest group who visit our campus regularly on Thursday afternoons. Not only do they bring fresh produce for our staff and parents to be able to buy on campus, but they also offer gardening classes and advice to the general public. Urban Harvest has also worked with Burbank's Gardening Club by providing seeds, gardening tools, and even donated Cilantro seedlings and flowers.

    This is their mission:

    "Urban Harvest is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that enriches the Houston community by providing community garden programming, farmers markets, gardening classes, and youth education. "

    Spreading the seeds

    Students who participate in the Gardening Club meet after school. They have an area on the side of the school next to the auditorium where they use two planters donated by the Houston Tool Bank. The students planted cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, marigolds, kale, basil, and sunflowers at the beginning of February, and by the beginning of March they were delighted to reap their first harvest! All these seeds, as well as the soil and other resources, were donated by the HoustonISD Nutrition Service Food and Agriculture Literacy Program. You can see our students in action in the picture above.


    We are very grateful to our partner Urban Harvest for their help and advice in getting our vegetable garden off the ground. Many thanks also go to the Houston ToolBank, Urban Harvest, and to HISD Nutrition Service Food and Agriculture Literacy Program for their generous donations and support. You can find more information about Urban Harvest by visiting their website at urbanharvest.com


    If you'd like to join the Gardening Club, please contact Ms. Garcia in Room C110 or via email at Ms. Devin Garcia

  • Our students have been gratified to reap the fruits of their labor!

    We had very heavy rain in the first week of May, resulting in a terrific growth spurt for our students' crops. Our enthusiastic farmers were able to taste their tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers which they grew with their own hands. It was an amazing experience!