Episode 11 Season 4






    The Burbank Show focuses on showcasing and recognizing the accomplishments of our students, teachers and staff. It is a student broadcasting channel that aims to promote our school’s winning culture within our campus, the local community and beyond.


    The show is produced by our students under the direction of Mr. Sergio Luviano, Technology Applications and Principles of Information Technology teacher at Burbank Middle School. The main participants of the show are students who are taking these two courses. However, there are opportunities for other students to participate regardless of grade level and course placement. 


    Show Studio7thGrade



    The Burbank Show provides an opportunity for students to engage in real world project experiences and gain self-confidence in their communication skills. Students who participate are expected to practice valuable skills such as writing, reading, technical and presentation skills.



    Additional Staff adviser: Mrs. Vanessa Carranza  


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