• Burbank All-Star

    Beginning in June and after the Cheerleader tryouts, the girls meet with their coach and leader Ms Takeshia Anderson and begin their work. The very first activity they have is the Eagle Camp for our new students which usually takes place two weeks before school starts. Ms Anderson runs a very tight ship, where the girls know that they must always do their best not only in the field, but in the classroom and everywhere they go. Our Burbank Allstars know that they represent our school and they always give 110% in everything they do.
    Burbank Allstar Cheerleaders participate in all aspects of student life. They know they must maintain good conduct and pass all their classes. In addition to participating in city and state tournaments, our cheerleaders help with the tours we put together for our visiting fifth graders and perform in our family nights. They also serve as our ambassadors whenever we have visitors on campus such as when we have Career Day. In short, their work is much more than jumps and cheers.
    Cheer 6
    However, it must be said that they excel at jumps and cheers! Everywhere they go, they earn the respect and admiration of everyone who sees them. They have won first place at several competitions last year, which is how they always roll.
    Hard work, perseverance, and a winning attitude- all attributes of our Allstar Cheerleading Squad!
    If you would like to join our excellent, award-winning squad, please see Ms. Johnson in the counselor's office on the second floor.