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    Last October 26, 2022, our Principal, Mr. Knittle, and our Physical Education Department Chair, Mr. Salas, welcomed the representatives of the Spanish Embassy and the "Fundación del Real Madrid" to Burbank. They met with them in Mr. Knittle's office to discuss the possibility of having personnel from the Real Madrid Football organization come to Burbank and conduct soccer training for our students. The Real Madrid Football team, through their foundation "Fundación del Real Madrid", has established the Texas Academy of Soccer to provide instruction in soccer to Texas students. This Texas Academy of Soccer, or TAS, would send instructors to our campus and train up to forty of our students, free of charge, on a completely voluntary basis.


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    The Real Madrid Football Club was founded in 1902 as "Madrid Football Club" by a group of academics and students. Its first president was Julián Palacios. Their uniform is all white for home games and all blue or all purple for away games. In recent years, they have also used other colors for away games. However, their home color is always all white for which they are many times called "los blancos". The club changed their name in 1920 when King Alfonso XIII granted them the use of the word "real". The Real Madrid is one of the founding clubs in the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Throughout their history, the club has won 14 European Cups, 4 FIFA Club World Cups, as well as more than 60 competitive cups within the Iberian peninsula. 


    The instructors that are training our students are members of staff of the Real Madrid Fútbol team organization. Our students began their practices at Burbank on January 18, 2023 on our soccer field. The Texas Academy of Soccer provided free jerseys, shorts, and socks for the thirty-five boys and five girls who registered for the training. Our students will continue to meet with their TX Academy of Soccer instructors every Wednesday from 4:00 to 5:00 pm up until March 8, 2023.  


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    Due to their participation, once the training period at Burbank is over our students will be able to sign up to continue their training at the Texas Academy of Soccer for half price. At this time, the academy's facilities are located on 1802 Snake River Rd in Katy, Texas. 


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    We are super excited to have this opportunity to grow and learn all kinds of soccer moves from one of the premier football teams in the world! We can't wait to see the progress that our students will make under the tutelage of such experienced and knowledgeable personnel. 



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    2021-2022 SEASON

    Our Soccer Season will begin on March 24th with an away game at Forest Brook Middle School. We will have both girls and boys teams playing. Parents and friends may attend all games in person this year. 


    Games are scheduled to begin at 5:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Girls play first. You may find a map to all locations in the Directions to Fields page. We thank you for your support!


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    Coach Marcus Salas

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    Assistant Coach Mark Monita

2021-2022 SCHEDULE

Day and Date Home Visitor Location
Thursday, March 24, 2022 Forest Brook MS Burbank MS Forest Brook MS
Thursday, April 7, 2022 Burbank MS Fonville MS Burbank MS
Thursday, April 14, 2022 Black MS Burbank MS Black MS
Thursday, April 21, 2022 Henry MS Burbank MS Burbank MS
Thursday, April 28, 2022 Burbank MS Clifton MS Burbank MS
Thursday, May 19, 2022 Burbank MS Forest Brook MS Burbank MS
Tuesday, May 26, 2022 Fonville MS Burbank MS Fonville MS


Name Grade Position
Belmares, Juan 8
Cervantes, Michael 8
Conejo, Damian 7
Cruz Cortez, Juan 8
Flores, Angel 8
Garcia, Matthew 8
Gonzalez, Jesus 8
Jimenez, Angel 7
Mexicano, Edwin 7
Ortega, Osvaldo 8
Palacios, Bryant 8
Rivero, Argenis 7
Rodriguez, Angel 8
Sepulbeda, Julian 7


Name Grade Position
Almazán, Génesis 7
Bahr, Paola 8
Chicas, Hailey 7
Escorcia, Ximena 8
Fabre, Gianna 7
Gracia, Camila 7
Hernandez, Abigail 7
Martinez, Abigail 7
Melendez, Francesca 7
Palacios, Leilani 8
Price, Chloe 7
Ramirez, Marithza 8