Our beautiful traditional Cinco de Mayo Program began with the Aztec Procession and the first part of the dramatization of the Battle of Puebla. Different "bulletins" would follow throughout  the program, informing everyone about that incredibly amazing Mexican victory over the mighty French Army back in May 5, 1862. This year our narrators were Sofia Lobera and Slaton Rocha, who would introduce our parents and guests to each beautiful song and dance they were about to enjoy, beginning with "La Jesusita de Chihuahua". Practically every region in Mexico was represented, not only in their dances, but in the beautiful costumes that have been designed and sewn for more than twenty five years by Ms. Maria Luviano.


    La Bamba bow

    This year we had several sections of live music performed by the "Acordeones y Guitarras Cinco Group" accompanying our singers Pablo Ortega and Alison Hernandez. Our Magnet Coordinator Ms. Amanda Vasquez also sang accompanied by them, who performed several musical numbers on their own, such as "El Tejanito". 


    Acordeones y Guitarras del Cinco

    Our Cinco Choir performed several songs, some of them accompanied by Ms. Patricia Gascon, Ms Amanda Vasquez, and Ms. Fernanda Garza, as dancers performed. 


    Cinco Choir

    As is our tradition, there was a musical dance number performed by members of our faculty. We had done salsa in the past, but this year it was a more traditional song called "Mexico Lindo y Querido". You can see that our teachers thoroughly enjoyed participating!


    Teachers dancing


    This wonderful program is a labor of love and requires a lot of effort as well as the talent and dedication of many people. We would like to thank all the performers who worked so hard to learn their dances and songs. Our helpers were amazing,  decorating the auditorium and organizing the costumes and props so everything was ready. Thank you also to the teachers who performed, and to those who helped with the dances, especially Mr. Luviano. Many, many thanks to Ms. Rodarte and Ms. Ledesma, who took care of so many details in coordinating and preparing the show. Thank you to our wonderful Principal, Mr. Knittle, for always supporting us. And a very special thank you to our Program Coordinator, Dr. Mary Velasquez, whose dedication has made this program possible for the past 36 years!


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    Enjoy the gallery below and see you next year!