• 6th Grade Excel Academy 
      Excel 6th
      David McBride, Amanda Hudson, Clara Deshotels, Bobbie Blackwell, Joel Martinez Coronado, Nicolasa Smith

       "Soaring to Greatness"

  • Mission and Vision

    • The mission of the 6th Grade Excel Academy is to provide the academic, social, and emotional support necessary to ease the impact of transitioning to secondary education in a way that creates positive self-images and fosters an interconnected identity.  
    • We empower students to become global learners who realize academic success at all levels and take pride in the value of their individual contributions to the entire Burbank community. 
    • We foster a sense of belonging and inspire all students to nurture positive, mutually-rewarding relationships with teachers, administrators, support staff, and each other. 
    • We embrace all students with love and provide a safe environment wherein all children feel safe and valued. 
    • As stewards of excellence, the 6th Grade Excel Team is committed to providing outstanding, objective-driven instruction, meeting the unique needs of all students, and modeling a growth-mindset that encourages children to be actively engaged in developing into well-rounded, compassionate citizens of their community and the world at large.
6th grade Excel