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    On Friday May 6, 2016, was the 29th Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Burbank Middle School. This signature event was coordinated with love by its founder, Dr. Mary Velasquez, ably assisted by Ms. Lucero Rodarte and a team of teachers, clerks, and students. The activity was held in the school auditorium, which was beautifully decorated with colorful paper flowers and allegorical backgrounds.
     Dr. Velasquez
    The PTO contributed by donating costumes and accessories for our students. Some of our former students also contributed by coming after school and helping with rehearsals. Among these are Scout McMains, Cresencia Velasquez, Armando Cárdenas, and Juan García. The faculty and staff had enjoyed a delicious Mexican breakfast the day before, sponsored by donations.
    There was a Cinco de Mayo Cover Contest and the winner was Yzette Torres, a 7th grade Vanguard student in Mrs. Holub's homeroom. She had the honor of having her design grace the cover of the 29th Anniversary Program. She will also receive a gift card. 
    We would like to mention the special artistic contribution of some students and faculty members: student singers Rosa Loera, Ahyleen López, and Rodrigo Pérez, and teachers Amanda Vasquez, Loreta Kovacic, and Patricia Gascón. A featured actor was 7th grader Max Monsivais, who delighted everyone with his performance as a "viejito", a number which is always a highlight of the program. Our "Mexican soldiers" 8th graders Joe Rodriguez, and Hector Inguanzo Hernandez and 7th grader Ricardo Cabriales acted in a short skit, directed by Mr. Miguel Bonilla, which explained the Battle of Puebla and the origins of the celebration of the Cinco de Mayo. 
     Max Monsivais
    We enjoyed "La Polaka" performed by some of our former students who were members of the "Las Aguilas" Folkloric Dancers: Armando Cardenas, Scout McMains, Mirella Ruiz, Wendy Clement, Victor Esquivel, Juan Garcia, Adriana Palomares, Fransico Chacon, Maria Yata and Gerardo Cardova. Burbank's Cinco Choir performed five songs, including a modern song and dance from the late Celia Cruz' repertoire, "Carnaval".  The entire program was narrated by 8th grader Daniel Gonzalez and 6th grader Andrea Cortina. 
    The Cinco de Mayo performers and coordinators would like to thank all the teachers, clerks, and volunteers whose contributions were essential to the success of our program. We would like to send a special thank you to our wonderful Principal, Mr. David Knittle, for his continuous support and encouragement!
    2017 will be our 30th Anniversary production! We have wonderful things planned for that celebration. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures of this year's production. See you next year!
    Photos by Ms. Vanessa Carranza