• Grinch or Grinchero
    December, 2016 
    Last December 2016 we were visited by two very peculiar individuals. They're called Grinch and Grinchero and they were deciding what to do with Christmas to the delight and amusement of our many visitors that evening. This short piece was created by our Music and Theater Arts teacher, Ms. Loreta Kovacic, who wrote the script and composed the music as well. The piece not only had a spirited dialogue, but had also the intervention of the Eagle Choir and our Eagle Band. In fact, our band, under the direction of Mr. Wilford Glenn, was the musical backup for the show. Our Folkloric Dancers also participated and our scenery was created by our Art teachers and their students, thus completely integrating the participation of our entire the Fine Arts Department.
    Judging by the warm applause our players received, our audience was impressed by our students' work, and enjoyed every minute of it. Many thanks to our students and their teachers for a wonderful evening!