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  • Grades – Parent Connect/Gradespeed

    Students are expected to check their grades at least once per week in Gradespeed.

    Parents can set up notifications to alert the if a grade falls below a certain level.

    Information can be found at this link:  Parent Student Connect 

    Parents need to register at the above link prior to the students having access.

    Once established, it can be accessed through the HISD website or on your phone with the app – “GradePro”.

    Quizzes and tests below 70 may be retaken

  • Tutorials –

    Tutorials will begin in October. More information will be provided at a later date.


  • Remind App

    Most whole group communication will be done through Remind. You are welcome to also contact me through Remind.

    Two different ways to sign up:

    1. Remind App: Go to “Join Class”.
    2. Class code is cff73k
  • Homework

    Homework is due on time and with quality. Students are expected to show their work to receive full credit. We will correct most homework in class, so it is imperative to complete on time.

  • Donations

    Ongoing classroom supplies appreciated

    Paper towels, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and pencils.


  • AR Class Expectations

    • Bring supplies to class daily (binder, pencil, markers/color pencils, homework)
    • Be on time to class.
    • Follow classroom instructions and rules.
    • Stay on task and complete all classwork with quality.
    • All assignments to be submitted are done in pencil.
    • Cell phones are to be put away.