"Eagle" -by Dr. Loreta Kovacic

  • I wrote this song in 2020 during the pandemic for BURBANK MS eagles. It is a song about our resilience during hard times. I also wanted to make it fun but also meaningful for the School Choir. Last but not least, I love Burbank Eagles!

    This song was produced and recorded at Sassafras Studio Houston. Last part (dub beat) was made by my brother Stanislav Kovacic.

    Video was made at Burbank MS by Sergio Luviano. Singers include students, teachers, friends and family who came to the studio. THANK YOU ALL! 🙏

    Soloist was my 8th grade singer Serenity Summers.

    Dr. Kovacic


    Go Eagles! EAGLE (lyrics)

    Ha........Ya. EEEEE EEEE Ha EEEEE EEEE Ya.

    So many obstacles around me

    well I'm livin in Northside H-town Ha

    Hundreds of hurldes surround me now, baby it's Northside H-town Ya 

    I'd like to be an eagle. So I can be strong.

    We shall overcome, we keep singin' that ol' song.

    I wanna feel like an eagle cause I know it can give me wings. Ha

    We shall overcome, that's what the eagle sings, Eagle, Ya

    I'd like to be an eagle......

    EEEEE EEEE Ha EEEEE EEEE Ya Ha........Ya.