General Overview

    Our campus Shared Decision-Making Model (SDM) is designed to establish, monitor, and evaluate goals for budgeting, staffing, curriculum, planning, school organization, staffing patterns, and staff development. This model is aligned to state legislation and HISD board policy. The intention of the SDMC is to pull together our community in a constructive, organized, and unified body to enhance the education of all students.

    The SDMC is the shared decision-making body. Professional staff representatives are elected by the faculty. Principal determines number of classroom teachers; then, assigns half that number to school-based staff. This complies with 2/3 - 1/3 rule for professional staff. In addition, the committee must have one non-instructional staff, one business member, at least two parents and at least two community members. Parents are elected by the PTO, PTA or PACS membership.

    The Council meets monthly and as needed to discuss issues brought forth by the administration, staff, parents, or community. It is supported by standing committees that address budgeting, staffing, curriculum, planning, school organization, staffing patterns, and staff development. Standing committees meet as needed. Parents are encouraged to serve on standing committees.

    The SDMC functions under the direction of the Principal. Members of the SDMC attend SDMC meetings for the term of his/her office, monitor the implementation of the School Improvement Plan, address issues presented by the principal, present issues for discussion and recommend resolutions to the SDMC, create ad hoc committees by consensus of the SDMC, chair standing committees and ad hoc committees, submit minutes to the principal for committee meetings, and report the recommendations to the SDMC. The SDMC is responsible for approving all professional development plans for the school.

    The Principal coordinates the process of shared decision making, facilitates communication for all stakeholders, considers issues and recommendations from the community, SDMC, and standing committees, and makes decisions based on those recommendations.
    Membership Composition of the Shared Decision-Making Committee

    Number of Classroom Teachers


    Number of Parents (at least 2)


    Number of School-based Staff

    (Half the number of classroom teachers)


    Number of Community Members

    (at least 2)


    Number of Non-Instructional Staff


    Number of Business Members


    SDMC Scheduled Meetings 2013-2014
    The SDMC meets in the Library every third Thursday of the month from 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm unless otherwise noted.
    September 19, 2013
    October 17, 2013
    November 21, 2013
    December 19, 2013
    January 23, 2014
    February 20, 2014
    March 13, 2014 * Exception due to Spring Break
    April 17, 2014
    May 22, 2014
    SDMC MEMBERS 2013-2014

     Rosa E. Hernandez, Principal
    David Knittle, Dean of Students
    David Valentino, Dean of Instruction
    Brittany Jennings, Assistant Principal
    Lionel Rivera, Parent
    Karla Ramirez, Parent
    Tebben Lewis, Community Partner
    Ashley Scott, Business Member
    Amanda Vasquez, Teacher
    Ariel Bejko, Teacher
    Cassandra Sandoval, Teacher
    Donald Boyd, Teacher
    Elyse Brown, Teacher
    Ledy Mendez, Teacher
    Jared Mosley, Teacher
    Marcus Salas, Teacher
    Sabrina Fergeson, Teacher
    Alma Lydia Ruiz, Paraprofessional