School Support Services

  • FACE offers many services to help all HISD schools improve their unique engagement programs. The services below are designed give school staff and faculty the tools they need to build relationships with parents, link family events to learning, address differences on their campuses, support parent advocacy, and share power with their communities.  Please contact us to discuss how we can help your school. 
    Achieve 180 Schools
    Click here to see the FACE specialists that support Achieve 180 schools.
    Family Friendly Schools Program
    The Family Friendly Schools Program helps schools improve relationships with their families and communities. Via analysis of the school environment, faculty and staff trainings, and consultation and coaching on family and community engagement, schools earn certification as a family friendly school. For complete details visit:
    Family Event Consultation
    FACE will meet with your staff to help make your school events impactful, linked to learning, and engaging for your community.
    Community Organization Consultation
    FACE offers schools a consultation through our Community Resource Guide. A FACE specialist can help identify community organizations included in our searchable database that can help fill the needs of your school.
    Parent Organizations Consultation 
    FACE has developed an online Parent Organization Toolkit with guidelines for families to build a PTA or PTO at their school. A FACE specialist will meet with interested parents and administrators and help explain the resources contained in the toolkit. 
    Professional Development & Trainings
    FACE offers a series of face-to-face and online workshops on family and community engagement to any interested HISD staff member. Visit for a calendar list of events. 
    Mediation Services
    FACE has partnered with the Dispute Resolution Center, Harris County to offer free mediation services to our schools. Contact the FACE department for information on how to set up a mediation session with them or you may contact them directly at:
    Phone: (713) 755-8274
    Business hours:  M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.