• Assessment, Accountability, and Compliance supports many different workstreams; more information on each can be found below.

    Accountability & Reporting

    This team assists in districtwide data-based decision-making through timely reporting and support through student outcomes reporting and grants reporting.  Additionally, this team supports the HERC at Rice University partnership with HISD.  This team collaborates directly with the Program Compliance team, including State Compensatory Education.

    Data Science & Compliance

    We negotiate and support the HISD business owner's conversations and formal agreements with any/all external partners related to the availability, appropriateness, and proper usage of HISD data in order to meet the shared needs of the project. Additionally, we handle standing reports to the public and ad hoc requests for data from HISD leadership by producing the specific deliverable and/or by referring the user to a place the data is already available to them. We oversee survey administration and related data integration/governance through the District's Qualtrics software license. We advise and support best practices in qualitative data collection, from survey instrument design and implementation through results analysis.  Furthermore, we are responsible for geo-coding anomalous student residential addresses, solving "Address Validation" problems in PowerSchool, supporting Census Block identification, and creating both static and interactive maps of HISD services and campuses. We manage ("own") all shapefiles maintained by HISD for historic and legal purposes. Lastly, we support Division and Campus compliance with relevant state, federal, and local regulations regarding all aspects of the student experience. This includes data management for required TSDS (TEA) data collections, as well as Unique ID creation through TEAL (TEA).

    Student Assessment

    This team assists Campus Testing Coordinators and district personnel with the administration and resource support of Formative (OnTrack/Curriculum), Interim (CBE, CIRCLE, mCLASS, NAEP, NWEA) and Summative (GT, PSAT/SAT, STAAR, TELPAS) assessments. This team also assists with Assessment Strategy in the use of assessment data to make informed instructional decisions.


Dr. Matney stands facing the camera in a light colored suit.
  • About Dr. Matney

Name Role Team
Dr. Allison Matney Executive Director Assessment, Accountability, and Compliance
B. Robert Reeves Director 2 Accountability & Reporting
Alison LiVecchi CTM Accountability & Reporting
Julia Amponsah-Gilder Director 2 Student Assessment
Elliott Luckett CTM Student Assessment
Isabel Hovey Director 2 Data Science & Compliance
Lauren E. Price CTM Data Science & Compliance